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Digitalization is playing an increasingly important role in the financial industry. Robo-advisory or fintech companies like Revolut or Commonstock have become serious competitors in the sector. Traditional banks have to adapt to the future and changes in the behavior of their clients. New trends such as sustainable finance or cryptocurrencies are becoming more important and could revolutionize the financial industry. Zurich itself plays a crucial role as a global financial center in the heart of Europe. So what makes Zurich such an important location and how should the most important trend developments be classified?

Financial Centre Zurich

Zurich is one of the world's leading financial centers and ranks second in Europe behind London. The availability of specialists, political stability and good infrastructure make Zurich competitive and a secure place for money affairs. Furthermore, Zurich is an ideal location for startups and fintech companies with a friendly regulatory environment and a good supply of valuable human capital.

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Sustainable Finance

Sustainability in the financial sector is gaining in significance and is seen as the next trend that has to be tackled. The Swiss financial center is one of the pioneers in sustainable finance and is on its way to becoming a leading international hub. The Covid-19 crisis has enforced the trend towards sustainable investments once again and various agreements like the Paris climate Agreement are forcing governments and companies to reduce their emissions and act more sustainable along their supply chain.

Crypto Finance &

Cryptocurrencies are featured in the headlines on a weekly basis, with Bitcoin reaching new highs every month. Not only is Bitcoin revolutionary, the underlying blockchain technologies have the possibility to disrupt various industries. Many of the most successful blockchain companies are located in Zurich or Zug and are constantly expanding and hiring new people.

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«Impressed by the enthusiasm for sustainable investing and the tricky questions! Always a pleasure to present at my alma mater as part of the collaboration between the BlueOrchard Academy and the Finance Club!»

Philipp Müller, CEO BlueOrchard Finance Ltd.