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Brown Bag Lunches

  • Introduce yourself to an interested audience of students

  • Cover current topics and relate them to the company's activities

  • Give students the opportunity to talk to you directly at the brown bag lunch

Companies get the opportunity to introduce themselves to an interested audience of students of the University of Zurich and ETH at the Brown Bag Lunches, which are held weekly during the semester (usually on Thursdays) at the university or online during corona crises. In addition to an actual company presentation, it is always particularly interesting when current topics related to the company or business cases are presented in order to give the students an even better insight.

At the stand-up lunch afterwards, students have the opportunity to get to know representatives of the companies in an informal atmosphere and perhaps already make initial contacts with a view to possible internships, part-time positions or even permanent employment.


  • Weekly updates on job opportunities

  • Notes on exciting recruiting event

  • Our mailing is the medium for Banking, Consulting & much more

  •  over 2,000 subscribers

If you have any questions about our mailing offer or a specific mailing order, companies and associations can contact us at:


  • Companies have the opportunity to organize various events in cooperation with the FC

  •  Exclusive cooperation

  • Allows the companies to address a specific target group

The Finance Club organizes in cooperation with a company, a practice or cooperation partner, in regular intervals of different, mostly one-day, events. The events are ideas or suggestions from the practice partners, the Finance Club or from students and could comprise:

An initial screening can be carried through case studies, workshops or company visits can be organized as well. There is also the possibility to give a presentation or to organize a social gathering between company and students. Together with you, we organize an event that the students will not soon forget.

This cooperation makes it possible to forward specific student needs in order to generate added value for the students together with the partners.

Both sides can benefit, the partners as well as the students. While the cooperation with the Finance Club makes it easier for the partners to address their target group of students, the students can participate free of charge in an informative event and establish contacts with the practice.

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