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The Financial Times is one of the most renowned newspapers for business news. Their partnership with the Finance Club started in 2021 and imparts knowledge services to finance students. Follow @financeclubuzh on Instagram to stay up to date with disruptive developments in the global economy.


The Financial Times was initially launched in 1888. The Financial Times specializes in reporting business and financial news while maintaining an independent editorial outlook. The estimated readership for FT is around 2 million people. The newspaper distinguishes itself from its peers by its distinctive pink paper.


As a student at the University of Zurich or ETH, you will benefit from an annual subscription to the Financial Times. By subscribing to the Financial Times, you stay up to date on the hottest topics and latest trends in the financial industry and get in-depth insights on peripheral topics. To take advantage of this opportunity, use the link below to profit from an exclusive student discount towards your subscritption.


Special offer for students

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