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McKinsey & Company​


McKinsey & Company is a global leader in management consulting, helping organizations across the public, private, and social sectors achieve lasting success. As a partner of the Finance Club, McKinsey underpins its commitment to support future leaders and building relationships with the next generation of talent.



A major player in the most competitive domains of the economy, McKinsey serves clients in private and public sectors on challenges in operations, organization, strategy, and technology. With its locations in central Zurich and Geneva, McKinsey Switzerland offers its clientel the best of both worlds—a close-knit community and a vibrant mix of people, languages, and nationalities. McKinsey has more than 130 offices - their consultants therefore receive ample opportunity to traverse the globe through client work, training programs abroad, office exchanges, and transfers.


What makes working at McKinsey such a fulfilling experience? Many McKinsey employees join because they want to change the business world and society, make a difference with their ideas, and work on issues that matter to them. The passion for change is what unites them. At McKinsey, you can help create change on topics that matter to you. You can bring sustainable transformations into large or small corporations and organizations and help them find success in a constantly evolving world.



McKinsey offers full-time or internship positions for bachelor, master, and Ph.D. students from all backgrounds. A career at McKinsey will let you work with remarkable people, help shape growth, build important institutions in Switzerland—and learn and grow constantly. With their excellent training programs, team-based approach, commitment to mentorship, and global presence, McKinsey offers unequaled opportunities to develop your career.


McKinsey values diversity and seeks individuals with different experiences, interests, and educational backgrounds who can bring new perspectives to the company. Learn more about their efforts on diversity here (Women@McKinsey, LGTBQI+ Network).


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