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Events FS24

We are pleased to once again offer a wide range of much-anticipated events for students this semester. Through our Brown Bag Lunch series, we provide an opportunity for students to connect not just with well established and prestigious firms, but also to learn more about disruptive innovators. Case study events with a focus on investment banking and consulting round off our semester schedule.

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At the Finance Club's weekly BBL, you get the opportunity to directly approach representatives from the business world and get connected. Bring in your questions and an open mind to our BBL to make it more exciting and interactive.

The kick off to every BBL includes a presentation where the company briefly introduces itself and describes in which business areas they are active. This is followed by a talk related to a current topic which they are confronted with on a daily basis and challenges them in their everyday life.

They also provide insights into career opportunities such as internships, career starter programs or direct entries. There is an informal stand-up lunch after the presentation where you have the opportunity to interact with other students or have a casual chat with the firm’s representatives.

Brown Bag Lunches

Time: 12.15 – 13.15
Dress code: None
Registration: none (participation is free of charge)
Location: PLM-F-103/104
 or Zoom


Link: here

Meeting-ID: 613 3660 0735

Password: 504943

Language: English (German if explicitly requested by the company)


«The University of Zurich, a leading educational institution that promotes exceptional young talent, greatly contributes to Zurich’s appeal as a business centre. It is the long-standing partnership with the Finance Club and its events that enable me to convince myself of this time and time again. A great pleasure, as always!»

Martin Scholl, Former CEO Zürcher Kantonalbank

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