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The Department for Banking and Finance (DBF) is has over the past decades grown rapidly and is becoming increasingly important. The DBF makes an important contribution to keeping Zurich attractive and innovative as a global financial hub. The DBF and the Finance Club have a close collaboration and board members of the FC are present at DBF meetings.


The DBF was founded in 1968 as Swiss Banking Institute and becomes more and more attractive to students at UZH and all over the world. Insightful courses in Corporate Finance, Financial Economics or Quantitative Finance are increasing in popularity among students. Located in the financial heart of Switzerland, the DBF is one of the leading finance groups in Europe with around 20 professors. The DBF’s incentive is to bring academic excellence to their students and cater the needs for a successful career in the financial industry.

In line with the DBF mission statement, DBF strives to foster value-oriented reflective capabilities, global consciousness, social responsibility, and ethical awareness in research, teaching, and executive education.  New trends such as Sustainable Finance will be taken up at the DBF. The Center of Competence for Sustainable Finance was launched in January 2020, connecting researchers from different fields such as finance, law, geography or psychology. Researchers associated with the CCSF are collaborating to establish joint research projects and becoming a major academic hub in these emerging sustainable finance topics.


The DBF offers you the opportunity to get involved in teaching and to support professors during their lectures. As a research assistant, you directly apply knowledge in teaching courses. In order to stay on top of vacant positions at the DBF, subscribe to the job portal


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